These are the sites that I post, blog, and create on.


My chosen site for hosting my open-source work and client work. Check out my GitHub avatar here.


Mostly used to follow and post things I like. Great way to keep in touch as well. Check out who I'm following for some ideas.


My favorite developer community on the web. I cross-post my blog here and highly recommend it.


I really like the reading experience here but mostly only use it for a few blogs. Namely Signal v. Noise and Hacker Noon.


I mostly use this as a way of testing ideas or getting my mind around a problem, but I may do more with it soon.


A place I use for prototyping and a great place for ideas/inspiration. I really want to use this more for component design.


This is where I post my photography. I post concert photos, nature, events...


Some of my old rock stuff is posted here as well as song experiments and demos.


Mostly used for inspiration but I have a few things posted here that may be helpful. was built using tailwind.css and parcel. Check out the source code here